League Information

League Information

3.11 – Harvest

Tips and Tricks

Typing /harvest will take you to your Sacred Grove (as long as you’re in an area you can instantly travel from).

Pressing your league key binding (v by default) whilst in the Sacred Grove will give you access to your seed storage.

Interactive Garden Layout

An interactive site that you can plan your garden, along with importing and exporting layouts: https://harvest.iw.gy/

Example Layout – https://pastebin.com/59WkfyEH (credit to Eddalius)

Seed Cheatsheet

Reddit thread

How to Save Crafts

Check out Aphelion’s clip to learn more about the Horticrafting Station

Blank Garden Layout

Credit – u/Erisymum

Reddit thread

ZiggyD’s Harvest Guide Video

3.9 – Metamorph

In Path of Exile: Metamorph, you’ll meet a new NPC, Tane Octavius; a master alchemist who studied in Oriath. Exiled to Wraeclast for killing his teacher, Tane searches for what makes the “self”, by using his learned alchemical knowledge to assemble monster essences. He hopes to find a cure, or perhaps just the source, for what he calls “the intrinsic darkness” that led to his unforgivable violence.

In each area you play in the Metamorph League, Tane will collect samples from selected monsters you have killed. Summon Tane to combine your choice of samples to create a formidable Metamorphic foe to defeat. Each sample contributes abilities to this boss, who wildly morphs from form to form during the encounter. With careful selection of samples, you control which abilities the boss has and what rewards it yields.

Metamorph encounters can also drop Catalysts, a new type of currency item that adds quality to jewellery. There are many types of jewellery quality, each related to a set of mods. The quality value on a piece of jewellery scales up the magnitude of related mods on the item and can be consumed through crafting to increase the chances of rolling related mods.

In the endgame of the Metamorph league, you can collect samples from Maps Bosses to create deadly Metamorphs that combine the powers, challenge and rewards of multiple bosses into very dangerous encounters.

3.8 – Blight League

In Path of Exile: Blight, you must stop the spread of the deadly Blight by building towers to defend against monsters held in its thrall.

Our September expansion contains the Blight challenge league, three revamped balance archetypes with new skills and support gems, plenty of new items, two old leagues being integrated into the core game, and a focus on giving you more freedom to choose which aspects of Path of Exile’s content you play and when.

Among other treasures, the Blight yields Oils which Sister Cassia can use to anoint your jewellery. Combine two Oils to enchant a Ring with a potent tower modifier. Combine three Oils to enchant your Amulet with any Notable Passive Skill from the Skill Tree. The twelve Oils vary considerably in rarity, with each combination of them granting a different result.
See this link for a spreadsheet of all Oil combinations.