Divine Ire Totems

BalorMage’s Divine Ire Totem Hierophant


This low budget, league start, and hardcore viable build guide is designed for all players veteran and new. If you’re a seasoned player and just want the PoB then scroll down past the videos. If you want a more detailed guide then read on!



v1.21 – 13 March 2020

  • No changes – 3.10 Ready

v1.2 – 13 December 2019

Path of Building updated

v1.1 – 15 September 2019

Advanced Section for End Game only.

v1.0 – 5 September 2019

Guide published


The written portion of this build guide is designed for new players who feel like they need some hand holding. As such some things that veteran players and experienced racers might do in the early levels have been left out as to not be too complicated. That being said, this should still be a smooth and quick leveling experience.

Path of Building

Not sure how to use Path of Building, or what it is? Engineering Eternity has a brilliant guide that you can check out here https://exiledguides.com/home/poe-tools/path-of-building/

Pastebin Import: https://pastebin.com/ntZ5nnPD

Passive Tree, Ascendancy & Pantheon

Level 90 Tree



Normal Lab: Pursuit of Faith
Cruel Lab: Ritual of Awakening
Merciless Lab: Conviction of Power
Eternal Lab: Illuminated Devotion

Pantheon Powers

Major – Soul of the Brine King
Might as well upgrade this, but its not a priority at all.

Minor – Soul of Shakari
Capture Terror of the Infinite Drifts

Gem Setup

Divine Ire Totems: (In order of importance. If you only have a 5-link, leave out the last one)
Divine IreSpell Totem SupportFaster Casting SupportMultiple Totem SupportHypothermia SupportIncreased Critical Strikes Support/ Controlled Destruction Support

Shield ChargeFaster Attacks SupportFortify Support

Alternate movement (for crossing gaps):
Flame DashArcane Surge SupportFaster Casting Support

Storm BrandCurse on Hit SupportElemental WeaknessOnslaught Support


Hatred / Herald of Ash / Zealotry

Gear, Flasks and Jewels


There are no uniques needed for this build.

On your weapon and shield, + levels of all lightning gems is a priority roll. Then critical strike chance to spells of 60% or more.

For your weapon only, the Physical Damage as Extra Damage of X element mods (on Shaper bases) are fantastic for end game gear, but not needed early on. The same goes for Non-chaos Damage as Extra Chaos. Otherwise, prioritise cast speed and spell damage.

On the shield, we are eventually aiming to get a +1 to our total amount of summoned totems. This mod also requires a Shaper base shield, however, so you likely won’t be getting this on day 1.

On your gloves you will be looking for 25% of physical damage converted to lightning, which can come from temple gear or as a craft. This will be a very important mod to find as soon as possible once you are mapping. Ensure you have this by the time you reach red maps at the latest.

The rest of your gear can be just rares with Life and the resistances you need. Cast speed can sometimes be found on gloves and jewellery, and if we luck into those we will be very happy.


  • Seething/Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Dousing (to remove ignite)
  • Alchemist’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline  (This is for speedy speed)
  • Jade Flask
  • Stibnite Flask
  • Quartz Flask

On these flasks, we will need to roll some affixes when we are at maps.  But it doesn’t matter which of the last 3 flasks has which affix as long as all 3 are covered.  

  • Staunching, for bleed.
  • Warding, for curses.
  • Heat, for freeze.

This combination will mean you cannot bleed, or be frozen or cursed, while mapping – super helpful and strong.

*Note* The Quicksilver Flask could also have any of these suffixes at the start if you are okay moving through maps a little slower. This is just the ideal setup; what’s really important is you have the Staunching, Heat, and Warding on utility flasks by the time you enter maps – in that order.


Primary jewel stats are:
Life, Cast speed

Secondary stats are:
Spell damage, Increased Damage, Spell damage while holding a shield, and any resistances or attributes you may need.


There are some good general leveling guides that can be found here for specifics on how to get through the acts: https://exiledguides.com/home/beginner-guides/leveling-guides/ 

Freezing PulseNessaEnemy at the Gate
OnslaughtRewardMercy Mission
FrostblinkRewardBreaking some Eggs
Spell Totem SupportNessaThe Caged Brute
Added LightningRewardThe Caged Brute
Flame Dash NessaThe Caged Brute
StormbrandRewardThe Siren’s Cadence
ArcNessaThe Siren’s Cadence
Arcane SurgeNessaMercy Mission

After killing Hillock, we want to use Freezing Pulse to level with. This is not available as a quest reward, so we will need to purchase it from Nessa. 

Check Tarkleigh for increased movement speed boots (you can use the search function at the bottom right of the trade window with Ctrl+F and type “move” to search a vendor’s inventory – this will highlight anything with a movement speed affix).

After completing the quest ‘Breaking Some Eggs’, return to town at the next waypoint and pick up Frost Blink as your quest reward. This is when you should go to Tidal Island and fetch Nessa’s Medicine Chest for a Quicksilver Flask and Onslaught Support from ‘Mercy Mission’.

Do the passive point quest ‘The Dweller in the Deep’.

Once you’ve entered the lower prison, select Added Lightning Damage Support as your quest reward and link it to Freezing Pulse. Buy Flame Dash from Nessa and replace Frost Blink with it. Left click it on your bar, and set it as “Always attack without moving”. Also buy Spell Totem Support and find a place in your gear to level this gem for now (as we wont be using it just yet).

You should now have the following 3 gems linked in an item:
Freezing PulseAdded Lightning Damage SuportOnslaught Support

Complete the passive point quest ‘The Marooned Mariner (in the Ship Graveyard). Grab the waypoint in the Cavern of Wrath and head back to town to pick up Storm Brand as your reward – replace Freezing Pulse with this. While in town, if you have the currency, pick up Arcane Surge Support and link this to Flame Dash  (keep it at a low gem level, so that it activates off a single cast of Flame Dash). This will provide extra cast speed, more spell damage, and mana regeneration for a short duration after using Flame Dash (though keep in mind not to dash into packs).

Also pick up Arc, and link this with Spell Totem Support.

Head back to the Cavern of Wrath, kill Merveil and you’ve completed Act 1!

Skill tree at the end of Act 1
Herald of IceRewardIntruders in Black
Herald of ThunderYeenaIntruders in Black
Faster CastingRewardSharp and Cruel

In this build we kill all three bandits to get 2 passive points.

Once you’ve completed the ‘Intruders in Black quest (in the Chamber of Sins), Gruest will reward you with Herald of Ice. This gem can go in any of your gear and does not need to be linked to anything. At this point, also buy Herald of Thunder from Yeena in town and put that in your gear (unlinked as well).

Once you complete the quest ‘Sharp and Cruel, choose Faster Casting Support as your reward and link this to your Arc totem. At this stage we can start using our single Arc totem on larger packs or Rares/Boss mobs. We will soon transition into dual totems and stop dealing damage ourselves, so this is a good time to get used to using it!

Go and kill the Vaal Oversoul and get ready for Act 3!

Skill tree at the end of Act 2
Elemental WeaknessClarissa Lost in Love
Zealotry RewardSharp and Cruel
Divine IreReward Sever the Right Hand

Once you’ve completed ‘Lost in Love’ you will have to buy Elemental Weakness from Clarissa in town, as we don’t get it from the quest reward. When you finish the quest ‘Sharp and Cruel, pick up Zealotry as a reward, though don’t activate it just yet (we will switch to it later in the act).

Once we have completed the ‘Sever the Right Hand‘ quest, we finally get Divine Ire! At this point, we replace Arc in our totem setup with Divine Ire, and drop both Herald skills that we were running in order to use Zealotry instead. Additionally, jump back to Act 2 and pick up Herald of Ash from Yeena.

What our gem links look like at this point:

Links 1 (BRB):  Divine IreSpell Totem SupportFaster Casting Support

Links 2  (BG): Storm BrandOnslaught Support

Auras: Zealotry / Herald of Ash

Any piece with 2 linked blue sockets: Flame DashArcane Surge Support

Note that Onslaught Support is still linked with our Storm Brand. We no longer do any damage due to the Ancestral Bond keystone, but this still counts as a “hit” – so on boss mobs, we can use Storm Brand to get the Onslaught buff and boost our totems’ damage (and our own movement speed).

Skill tree at the end of Act 2 3
Multiple Totems Support RewardThe Eternal Nightmare

Nothing new here, continue with your current setup. One thing to note though is that Doedre Darktongue (one of the mini-bosses before Malachai) has a skill that causes her to consume curses she is affected by to buff herself. If you find that you’re struggling with her, simply don’t curse her.

At the end of Act 4, pick up Multiple Totems Support as your reward from the quest ‘The Eternal Nightmare and put it somewhere in your gear to start leveling.

Skill tree at the end of Act 4

The only thing to mention is to start looking out for gear pieces that are 4-linked with the right colours, or on a base type that can roll the right colours (Armour/Energy Shield hybrid pieces).


Optional extra 4-link: 1x BGBB

Skill tree at the end of Act 5
HatredLilly Fallen from Grace

After you complete the quest ‘Fallen from Grace’ , Lilly sells all skill gems (aside from the few drop only gems). At this point, buy a Hatred gem to replace Zealotry. (You might want to let it gain a couple of levels before swapping though.)

Skill tree at the end of Act 6

Nothing important to note here, just run the act.

Skill tree at the end of Act 7

Note:  If you struggle with Doedre (who reappears after this again) don’t curse her. Doedre eats curses in order to super charge her own attacks. 

Nothing important to note here either, just run the act.

Skill tree at the end of Act 8

You should go back and do any side bosses in part 2 that you may have missed or skipped. The extra passive points are super nice and you are now well overleveled so it should be easier.

Start keeping an eye out for 5-links, however we only need a 4-link to do white and yellow tier maps – so don’t stress if you only have a 4-link. It is unnecessary to farm a tabula at the start of this act.

Skill tree at the end of Act 9

A 5-linked Divine Ire Totem will be able to carry you well into red maps with these links:

Divine IreSpell Totem SupportMultitotem SupportFaster Casting SupportHypothermia Support

The ideal 6th link is Increased Critical Strikes Support , until such time as you can find a Shaper base body armour with the Critical Strike Chance to Spells roll on it (this mod is Best in Slot) – at which point we replace this gem with Controlled Destruction Support.

If you wish to farm a Tabula Rasa, the Blood Aqueducts at the beginning of Act 9 is a great place to get Humility cards and experience. We will not need a Tabula Rasa for this build however, as Divine Ire totems are strong enough to do yellow maps on a 4-link, and red maps on a 5-link. As such, it is recommended to not bother farming the Blood Aqueducts and instead get to maps sooner!

Skill tree at the end of Act 10


This section is about how to push your character further now that you have a budget and are willing to invest more currency into the build.

There are two ways to go all out in a more advanced version of this build: one uses the Devouring Diadem unique helm, while the other uses the Soul Mantle unique body armour. Both trees are contained in the following Path of Building link, each named appropriately. I’ve kept these trees separate from the original guide as they are not cheap and will require some respec points.

Path of Building Pastebin Import: https://pastebin.com/6qNx5fUX

In both versions of this build we drop the Conviction of Power Ascendancy node in favour of Arcane Blessing. This will, however, require us to generate power charges another way. The easiest way to do so is the same in both versions: change the Storm Brand links to generate power charges with the Power Charge on Critical Strike Support gem instead of the Onslaught Support gem. As a result, we lose onslaught on bosses – this may be okay for you, or you may want to replace one of your flasks with an onslaught flask for faster mapping.

New Storm Brand links: Storm BrandCurse on Hit SupportPower Charge on Critical Strike SupportElemental Weakness

Both advanced versions of this build will deal significantly more damage with significantly more defences. The Soul Mantle option focuses more on DPS, however, while the Devouring Diadem option focuses more on defences (though it still has far more damage than the original build).

Option 1. Devouring Diadem (Balor’s preference)

Using the Devouring Diadem means we get to take Mind Over Matter (a Keystone passive on the tree) and Eldritch Battery (also a Keystone passive, but it is granted by the unique). This lets us split our damage taken between life and energy shield, as well as allowing us to use our energy shield as Mana.

The unique helm also comes with 20% reduced mana reservation to socketed gems, which allows us to run Hatred, Zealotry, and Herald of Ash all at once (by socketing them in the helm). This also making finding a relevant Watcher’s Eye jewel much cheaper and easier, as we have stats from two 50% auras to look for.

Skill tree for Devouring Diadem option
Option 2. Soul Mantle

Using the Soul Mantle unique body armour will not change our useable auras. Instead, this body armour supports socketed gems with Spell Totem Support, resulting in our totems becoming a 7-link (at this point, we will use both Increased Critical Strike Chance Support and Controlled Destruction Support rather than choosing between them).

As a drawback though, this body armour will curse us each and every time a totem expires – including when one is overridden by us placing a new one. To counter this, we will become “unaffected by curses” through the use of two Kikazaru rings and the Sanctum of Thought notable on the passive tree. (Note that this wording “unaffected by curses” is not the same as “immune to curses” – the curses will still be applied to us, they just simply don’t have any effect. As a side effect, this means that we don’t need to use a Warding flask any more.)

As a final addition to the build, we also get to use a Self-Flagellation jewel – with a maximum roll of 20%, this will grant us 20% increased damage per curse applied to us.

Skill tree for the Soul Mantle advanced option